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Join it.  Believe In Youth.

The Young Americans Project
This is a project about our peers. This is a project about young people – their stories, their issues, their futures, and their shared nation. It’s about growing up, race, crystal meth, the Internet, Brad and Jennifer and Angelina, careers, love, and The American Dream. It’s not just about us, road-tripping across the country in an RV, writing, filming, and taking photographs. It’s about the young Americans we met along the way.

TYAP’s Good News page highlights news stories they find that are relevant to our generation, or are specifically about our generation. They also try to find stories about young people around the world who are stepping up to make a difference. You can check out the Believe In Youth contribution to their page every Sunday.

Ara Sports (launching in a couple weeks)
Ara Sports is an innovative and dynamic sportswear company that prepares recreational and elite athletes for the modern and daily demands of their sports. Their One4All Campaign is an inspiring lesson in company social consciousness. Taking a page out of Patagonia’s book (, Ara pledges to allocate 1% of all sales to the Ara Sports Philanthropy Fund, to be donated to partner organizations doing charity through sport.

Matt Heineman Photography
When deciding what type of artwork to display on the site, the BIY staff came to the conclusion that photography of our beautiful world was the only way to go. We had to look no further than the photographer of The Young Americans Project, Matt Heineman, for inspiring work. Check out his portfolio on his website.


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