Earth is a phenomenal place. The living things are magnificent and the world surrounding them is breathtaking. The people inhabiting it have the aptitude to be intelligent and inspiring. They also have the aptitude to be cruel, wicked, murderous, vindictive, spiteful, and mindless. Most news depicts the latter.

Believe In Youth is devoted to telling the stories of those who reach their potentials for good. BIY is determined to make youth believe they have the power to make a difference. Prevailing environmental irresponsibility, constant war, genocide, widespread poverty, and rampant disease are just some of the problems that are not too big to change. In fact, youth are doing things to change them every day.

BIY focuses on youth because now is the time to start to make our impression on the world that we live in. We can continue the path of destruction we are following or we can step up and make a difference for the better. We chronicle news around the world of people under the age of 30 stepping up.

This site is about youth inspiring youth to change the world.

Believe. In. Youth.


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