Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian

Who: Breanne England
Age: 25
What: 2007 Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian Award

Breanne England has been doing a lot of good for a long time. This story reads like a bio, but hopefully inspires us all to do what we can to make a difference in as many ways as possible. Happy Holidays!

Canadian Red Cross
2007 Young Humanitarian Award

The Canadian Red Cross – New Brunswick Region and McInnis Cooper proudly presents Breanne England as the Young Humanitarian Award 2007 Recipient.

Breanne England is a 25 year old New Brunswick native, currently working and living in Ottawa. After graduating from Kennebecasis Valley High School in 2000, she went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Sociology from UNBSJ. She has since completed her Masters Degree in Human Security and Peace building from Royal Roads University, as well as a certificate in Refugee Issues from York University. During her time at Royal Roads she completed research on ‘Education Initiatives in Uganda’, ‘Human Security in Rural Villages’ and ‘Civic Literacy, Decentralization and Local Governance’.

In 2003, Breanne traveled to Uganda for the first time along with a small group from her church as part of an orphan sponsorship and girl-child education program. While there, she became impassioned with Africa. In 2005 she returned to Uganda, this time to research peace building synergies in conflict-ridden Northern Uganda. This was followed by time living in the remote village of Kyabirukwa on her own, teaching secondary school girls. She also completed field research for her major research project on human security. Breanne is also part of a three-person team that is currently sponsoring 5 students in the village of Kyabirukwa, with the aim of helping these children complete primary and secondary school.

Locally, Breanne has been involved with the Tomorrow Team, a youth program associated with St. Augustine’s Anglican Church. She not only led the junior and senior youth, but also organized summer camps and participated in many church activities. In 2002 she spent a summer counselling children at Camp Medley, in Gagetown, NB. She has also been actively involved with the Canadian Red Cross as a Disaster Management Instructor, Responder and briefly as a Branch Counsel Representative. In the past few years, Bre has been involved in refugee and immigration work in Saint John.

Breanne is not only adventurous, but energetic, and brings this to the table when interacting with children in the many programs she has volunteered with. She is credited with creating inventive programs and with her ability to get people involved with the many projects she takes on.

Her life mantra is: “Strength to dream, Courage to act, Faith to endure…”


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